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When I started playing guitar 12 years ago, there was a TON of advice, books, and videos that were thrown at me, and I had no idea what to do with all of it! It was so confusing. Years later, I ended up having to spend a bunch of time re-learning everything that I missed along the way. That's why I created the Guitar Essentials Course - so you can build a solid foundation for your guitar playing that will reap benefits for years to come!

When you’re learning to play the guitar, it’s SO important to learn the fundamentals. A lot of guitar players never reach their full potential because they never learned simple music theory or how to hold the guitar properly! I’ve experienced some of that first hand, and it’s not fun having to re-learn stuff you’ve been doing wrong for 10+ years. With this course, you’ll start forming good habits and learning important musical knowledge from the get go.

If you hope to play music with a band, it’s critical that you learn to play by ear! Playing songs by ear builds your listening skills, increases your knowledge of the fretboard (where you put your fingers down on the guitar) and helps you improvise (make up musical melodies on the fly). You don’t want to be the guitar player that always needs to have sheet music in front of you.

When you sign up for this course, I’ll give you my personal email address, and you can reach out with ANY questions you have about playing the guitar. If along the way something isn’t making sense, we’ll setup a one-on-one video call to make sure you figure it out, and keep on learning and playing like a champ.

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